Dear God, Please give some brains to my fellow Telugu people!

ME: Dear God, I’m very much frustrated about my fellow people’s ignorance and in fact I’m surprised how ignorance can spread like a virus within hours among a large group of people. And I need answers to some of the questions raised by my dumb brain. So please go through the list and answer me!

GOD: Okay, My Boy!

ME: There is a video making rounds on Facebook (GOD: meh? What is Facebook? ME: A book which we spend most of the time on) made by some one who supports Samaikyandhra (GOD: meh? ME: Don’t get panicked it’s a regional movement :P). This is the link to that video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=351294185016671

ME: I’m neither a supporter of this Telangana movement nor Samaikyandhra movement.

GOD: You said you will only talk about Samaikyandhra?

ME: Yeah! Wait

ME: I want to know from you that, Can someone make a 5 minute video on a big issue without research? Can someone make a 5 minute video with pure exaggeration just for their own benefit?

GOD: 1 moment. I am looking at the manual of Human Being. Yeah son, you Human Beings are capable of that :P

ME: Yes, God we can do it along with high dosage of our Ignorance. My God! I myself am very poor at Politics and Economy and I can’t find a logic in what this person is saying. How come there are 13,000+ shares within hours? Did you give up on us already?

GOD: Tell me more Son!

ME: These are some of the mindblowing (as described by people in comments) facts: 

1. 70% of revenue is from Telangana and 30% from Seemandhra.

ME: I was under the impression that AP was formed based on language but not on the basis of Revenue. So, let me understand this correctly, so Samaikyandhra movement is for Telugu Unity or More Money Security?

GOD: This guy whoever has created this video looks interesting :P

2. Debts will be divided based on population.

ME: Here comes our next Raghu Ram Rajan.

GOD: meh? Who is this Raghu Ram Rajan? So many gods are there in his name.

ME: Oh God, come on you don’t know him? He is the sexiest RBI governor we ever had. 

ME: Okay, If debts are divided based on population then we should get funds proportionately right? 

3. Fees Schemes, Arogyasri, Pensions and all will be stopped.

ME: I am very bad at economics and politics. Oh God, Can you explain the logic behind this? 

GOD: Look son! Gods doesn’t work on Logic. Move on!

4. Private sector employment (IT, Movie industry, Phama) will get affected.

ME: Another joke. How will the employment in private industries get affected by a state division? Enlighten me, my Lord.

GOD: meh? Private sector?

ME: Leave it!

5. Students will be deprived of seats in IITs, IIITs, NITs.

ME: Okay, this one I was literally ROFLing.

GOD: meh?

ME: ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing.

ME: I thought IITs allow students through JEE. This guy opened my eyes that we need to be that state’s resident to get into IITs and IIITs. Thank God he didn’t include BITS.

GOD: meh? What is this BITS?

ME: It’s a big college God, bigger than MIT and Harvard. Now, don’t ask me about MIT and Harvard.

ME: Okay I will accept the quota in NITs for that state, which is 50% which would be around 370 seats each year. If these 370 guys dont get seats in NIT warangal, they have a lot of options in good NITs in other parts of the country, so the world doesn’t stop with this. Surprisingly he missed out Local engineering colleges, which has this Local and Non Local thing from long time. This doesn’t affect much even if the state is divided. Sorry I only know about Engineering, I can’t talk about other guys. Will you talk about other guys God?


ME: Basically, this is an exaggeration and an useless point.

GOD: Oh, great! So this is not part of your questions right!

6. RTC will get affected.

ME: So, RTC is a govt organization with more assets in Hyderabad as this guy says. So are the politicians so dumb that when dividing two states they make a big govt company go down. Infact all these stupid agitations are causing more problems to RTC and making them suffer.

GOD: AHH! Politicians!! Son, they are capable of anything but this much of dumbness is not even allowed in my world!

7. Agricultural industry will be affected.

ME: This again. How will new state affects seeds and other stuff?

GOD: We only drink Amrutham. I’m not aware of this Agriculture.

8. Water division

ME: Yes, I agree with him. There will be a dispute on Water division, but Godavari districts will become deserts after division whoa! This guy needs to visit telangana seriously. If he knows or not, major part of Krishna and Godavari passes through Telangana. So by logic who should get more water? Who are getting more water now?

GOD: Son, what is the problem with you people?

ME: I Know!

ME: And these are some of the facts on top of my mind,

The shipyard in Vizag is in Andhra, Krishnapatnam port in Nellore is in Andhra and Machilipatnam port is in Andhra. Isn’t it?

The entire Golden Quadrilateral runs through Coastal Andhra.

Go check Coast Andhra Railways map and Telangana, Rayalaseema Railways map.

GOD: Son, a little respect is needed!

ME: My God! I’m sorry. Infact you are present (TIRUMALA) in Rayalaseema.

ME: And when a new state is being formed huge investments will be happening, new capital will be developed, new jobs will be created. And do you really think people will lose their Govt jobs?

ME: WTH is with Vandemataram background music in the video anyway?? That guy could have used Ma Telugu thalliki mallepoodhanda 

GOD: Son, be in your limits. You are talking about Telugu people and talking to me in English. You are a hypocrite.

ME: Sorry Lord, I din’t know that you knew Telugu.

GOD: Of course!

ME: So God, I am praying you.. Please give some brains to my fellow Telugu people who are showcasing their Ignorance. Please dont neglect them :’( Please don’t give up on us!


Types of God

I have been talking to people from long time about what their religious and spiritual belief is and what do they mean by God. So I would like to list out all the kinds of opinions and my thoughts. As with any matter here too people are divided into various stages of maturity, I tried to cover most of the opinions and sections of people but I might have missed some parts.
Since I’m a born Hindu and from India I can more confidently talk about Hinduism. So I give a lot of references of Hinduism.


1. There are many people (Ignorants), who doesn’t know the difference between being religious and being spiritual. The best examples for this kind of people are religious fanatics who think believing in a religion without questioning gets them Nirvana. Other kind of people who come under this category are some group of Atheists who doesn’t know the ABC of Religion and Spirituality. Poor guys think being spiritual means doing rituals :) So a normal conversation about God, Religion, Spirituality with these set of people leaves you frustrated. A considerable portion of people in the world fall under this category.

2. These people (Ignorants with less Ignorance) are the ones who believe that God is an external entity from them and to attain Nirvana there is no other way but to praise the god and do all things god likes. When you have a faith which makes you praise the god you believe in, in someway it makes you think that your god is the only true god. When some one from other faith starts propagating their god around you, believe me it doesn’t end well. Most of the religions around the world fall under this category. These kind of people are the main reason for the restlessness in the society. Either they can be very moral or they can be staunch fundamentalists.

3. The next set of people (Misdirected), who are trying to understand Spirituality but are ending up with confused beliefs. The examples for this kind of people who believe in an external God and at the same time follow people who teach Advaita Vedanta. The people who read Bhagavadgita and consider Lord Krishna as an external entity (Dvaita Vedanta teaches that God and you are two different entities. Funny that, Lord Krishna told that there is nothing but him and him alone!). Go to them and say them they and God are same, you will get a slap. They think very highly of God, that the very thought of them being God is something alien. But one good thing about these section of people are that they can be very moral and more tolerant than the above kind of people.

4. Atheists. These people are no better than Ignorants but only good thing is they question everything. But they are very much biased and always play Devil’s Advocate and reluctant to think of Religion and Spirituality. These kind of people make the society better and vigilant.

5. Agnostics. There can be two kinds of agnostics. One who didn’t have any thought of God and didn’t grew up in a society. The other who doesn’t really care about God, pure materialistic people (Considerable number of the capitalists). Most of the scientists and technological pioneers fall under the section between Being Agnostic and Being Atheistic.

6. Nihilists (Who believe that life is meaningless!) and Advaita Followers (Who believe themselves and God as one and everyone as God, you hear Aham Brahmasmi, Tatvamasi a lot from these people). If you are a normal person you might not even stand these people’s philosophy. These set of people might have gone through a lot of study about God and might have ended up here. Most of the saints like Jesus, Buddha, Sankaracharya fall under this section.

So, we have lots of opinions! So who is true? Which belief is correct? I don’t know. I’m just a confused person still undergoing the travel. I may end up confused or may be I will come to know something.

So, What do you believe in?


Bubbles of Happiness

Once there was a boy called The Boy
Always thinking about a Rare Toy

Which is made out of an imaginary alloy
When used, makes your loved one’s decoy

The very concept multiplied The Boy’s joy
But the poor boy didn’t know the dangerous ploy

That the decoy stayed lively only for a while to enjoy
Which annoyed hell out of the poor little boy

Frustrated now, the boy decided to kill the stupid toy
Never realizing that his brain was the imaginary alloy


Forced Inspiration

The life I am living is so dry and meaningless
That I am living it very thoughtless

Thinking about things which makes me numb
My brain don’t have anything else to pump

The air which is blowing in my way
I hope I get the answers from it as it sway

Time is passing by so fast
nothing but a rhythmic beat’s playing in my nest

A monotone called life asked me for motivation
I said, look for a forced inspiration


Irregular and Fickle

This post contains words which are abusive in nature so if you feel you can handle them you can read it and don’t worry about the continuity babe.

Yes I am irregular and fickle minded. Aren’t everybody so? But why is religion is so important? Fuck all those who fight for religion as if religion has fought for them previously. Can you no no can someone please tell me think da think.. ya please tell me why religion is so important to you? I don’t understand the point. Okay I am not making sense. I should listen to some song. Ya Pani da rang vekh ke.. Yes Akshay moturi has inspired me to write this. Who is he? No one just a friend of mine. Ya coming to the point that Pani da rang vekh ke.. Pani da rang vekh ke.. why the heck does this song is on loop in my mind. I want to get this song out. I asked many people to suggest me a song to break the loop. Idiots no one has given me a perfect song. Yes Mr.SRK your Challa .. oh sorry ARR bhai.. it is your song right.. ya even that could not break the loop. Hope you should go and meet Ilayaraja and learn something. Okay why Ilayaraja suddenly because he is the only Composer from India. Okay thats too much. Whateeever. Spelling mistakes in typing no problem let the flow go. My hands are paining. So why does human body gets pained? Is there any reason. Don’t start the physics you know force applied or stress or some nonsense. I don’t want to listen to it. I just want peace. I want to die in peace. No don’t think about death. Oh why not…Steve Jobs has said live as if you are going to die today or something like that and as an ardent follower of him (though I use none of Apple products) I should be ashamed of myself. Yes I feel guilty for many stupid things I have done. I loved so many people and that I forgot to love myself. Hey stop it dont think that I am Gay. I am talking in higher sense you idiot. DUrrrrr……Brr……….. ya induction motor starts like that thanks to Mr. Sharman Joshi and 3 idiots. Yes  I have seen the trailer of The attacks of 26/11 by RGV. What the fuck is with people who abuse RGV as if they are Pathiths (okay if you are a non telugu.. leave it). Accepting yourself a hypocrite is a lot better than pretending some stupid things like assholes like me and some others. Okay that might include you, you see. I cant type. This is being typed on my wireless keyboard and shit I am 23 years old  and I did nothing man. Thuu Zuckerberg has become so rich when he was 23 years old. THuu on you again. Yes what was I talking about….?? No it was about me being an ardent fan of Steve JObs. I have decided to start a religon with 13 Principles or whatever principles by Steve Jobs and monotheism for sure. I will make it very competitive you see. If you have to use iPhone you need to convert to our religion you know. It makes you so human you see. No false promises. Fuck me I started with abusing religion and I am thinking of starting a religion. What an asshoel I am LOL? That punctuation mistake was deliberate. I know you might have noticed that. No!!? notice it now.. I thought so much for like 0.001 ms and came with such an awesome humorous line. Its 12 42 AM. I should sleep and you know what fuck this post. I am gonna delete NO WAY…. I MA not goingh to that you see. I want some comments I know you will like me. I know you will think of me “WOW He is different’..”” My *** thats for censor board you know.. WHat a sense of humor Ramu.. you are awesome I know but when will this world kome to know abt that?? Yes now with this post.. you seee..

Adios .. I am deliberately not remembering hte second word which is AMigos


I assembled my custom AMD rig – Part 1

I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs but never owned an Apple product. I thought of buying an entry level iMac which costs 65K INR ($1200) approximately. But for a average user like me the price is too high so I decided to go for a custom build for a lower price. So I have assembled a custom Desktop ordering different parts from flipkart.com. As for the configuration goes, for those who are interested to know, its a custom AMD rig. In this part I would like to describe what parts did I choose and some pointers to remember while choosing a component.

CPU (Central Processing Unit/Heart of the machine)
Initially I was under the impression to go with an Intel Core i5 or i7 series but a decent googling taught me a normal user like me doesn’t need the high end Core i7 series nor do I need to spend more than 15K INR on an Intel CPU. So I started reading about alternatives and thanks to tomshardware.com and flipkart.com reviews I finally chose an AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Processor (the cores needs to be unlocked once you install with a compatible motherboard) with a clock speed of 3.6 GHz (haven’t tried over clocking yet) and a AM3+ socket which came at a decent 6.4K bucks (less than
half the price of i5).

Motherboard (Your heart needs a body right?)
The next thing to chose logically was a compatible motherboard for the CPU I selected above. Again I went through a series of products and left with a Biostar motherboard and an ASUS motherboard. I went with an ASUS motherboard which had cost me 2.7K INR.

RAM (Pour the blood)
Now that I decided up on CPU and Motherboard the next possible thing would be a RAM. The ASUS motherboard I chose has two memory slots supporting upto 1866 MHz clock speed of RAM. While studying about RAM I came to know about an important factor which plays a major role in the speed. All these days I have been thinking that more the memory of RAM more the speed of my computer. WRONG! Its the clock speed which determines the speed. So a 4GB 2000+ MHz RAM outperforms a 8GB 1333MHz RAM easily. So whenever you are choosing a RAM look for these specs. Don’t just go with the memory. So yeah, I had to choose between G.SKill RipJaws and Corsair Vengeance. Eventhough G.Skill is a better device than Corsair Vengeance I was not sure about the compatibility of it with my motherboard so I decided upon a 8GB (1x8GB) Corsair Vengeance with 1600MHz speed. It cost me 3.6K

HardDisk (Need some brain to store memories)
Its 2012! and I’m going for a good custom desktop. So I decided to go for a hard drive with bigger capacity. I chose a 2 TB WD Cavier Green hard disk which had cost me 6.5K.

Power Unit (God’s touch to provide Life)
There are two major brands competing with each other in this category. Seasonic and Corsair. I chose a Seasonic PSU with 520W capacity which had cost me 4.5K

Graphic Card (Child needs some training to act faster)
I came to know about a crucial point about graphic cards while studying about them. Similar to RAM the memory doesn’t matter much with graphic cards too. If you want to play a game with high end graphics its not the memory that helps you its the stream processors that helps you in the game. So choose a graphic card which has more number of stream processors. A 1GB graphic card with 160+ stream processors outperforms a 2GB graphic card with 48 stream processors. I chose a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6570 1GB graphic card which had cost me 4.6K.

Optical Drive (Occasional training for reading and storing memories externally)
Since most of the times I use a pendrive for my files transfer and other things I chose a basic optical drive with CD and DVD RW Capability. I wanted to buy a ASUS DVD writer but due to unavailability of the model I had to choose LG GH24NS71 optical drive which had cost me 1K.

Cabinet (Getting up the body dressed up)
I used an assembled desktop in 2006 which was Pentium Dual Core with a flop motherboard model. The cabinet and my desktop looked terrible. The cabinet not only gives the look your system needs it also is a main component which takes care of various issues like heat, air flow and spacing between cables. So I thought I shouldn’t compromise on a cabinet since it can be useful if I am going to make another custom rig. So I chose a Corsair 400R Midtower cabinet which had cost me 5.8K.

Monitor (Give your memories a language, show them)
I should say the choice of monitor for me was like a cake walk. Its the awesome looking 20 INCH Dell LED Monitor which came at a 6.8K price. The minute I saw it I chose it for its curves.

Keyboard & Mouse (Take inputs from others properly)
I am a great fan of iMac. Its the simplistic construction of iMac which keeps it in a different league. The concept of wireless keyboard and mouse was not existent while I started using computer in 1999. I used to get frustrated with the number of cables behind the desktop and if there is some loose contact then our life becomes double awesome. I didn’t want to repeat that. I chose a Microsoft wireless Mouse and Keyboard which had cost me 1.5K.

Audio System (Voice your opinions louder)
I chose a basic Creative SBS 2.1 Sound system which had cost me 1.8K

So on the whole it had cost me approximately 45K INR ($820) to buy all the parts needed to build my custom AMD rig. I ordered all the products from Flipkart.com and the reviews on flipkart helped me a lot to understand some new concepts while selecting a component. I will share my experience of assembling the system in the next post.

P.S: The comparisons are just for fun. Please don’t point out the logic.


Truthful Person

No one is ready to hear you all the time
No one is ready to think about you all the time

No one will change themselves for you
No one will compromise on anything for you

No one is going to sacrifice anything for you
No one is going to look after you

No one does things for you out of pure love
No one loves you unconditionally

You will be there with yourself
In trouble
In happiness
In frustration
In sleep
In death
In everything

In a world full of materialistic people
You are the only person true to yourself

You are the only person true to yourself