Feelings and Emotions – 1 (Rahul and Pavan)

Hi everyone this is my first post with some content. The title of the post I named it as feelings and emotions (Rahul and Pavan) because things which I am going to discuss, I gathered them from these two directly and indirectly. So I thought I should name the post Rahul and Pavan rather than Feelings and emotions. But people get confused if I name it that way so I used both the names.

Many times we (or I) get confused with feelings and emotions i.e., whether what we got are feelings or emotions? Some times we say dont hurt my feelings. Sometime we say he is an emotional person. So What is the difference between a feeling and an emotion? Are they positive things or negative things? What is love? Is it a feeling or an emotion? So many questions arose in my mind. So I thought I should sort out them my mere knowledge on things. So I started answering things in my own way.

What are feelings? I believe feelings are those which get created in us when there is an external force or action. Its like Newton’s law . So for the external force to be acted upon us we should carry the action of the external force to the brain. So what help us to carry this external force? Sensory Organs and Neurons. Eyes, Ears, Skin, Tongue, Nose. So our five senses help us to identify the force and the neurons carry these impulses to the brain and a feeling is created due to various external force. But eventhough an external force is applied, if the brain does not know how to react then will there be a feeling created? So there should be some building blocks in brain which form the feeling that happen in the brain? What are these building blocks? Emotions. I believe emotions are the building blocks of feelings. Why do some people dont know what it is to hate people? Because they lack the hatred emotion. Some people loves everyone because of the emotion love.

Why do feelings change so fast? You feel happy in a moment and sad the next moment sometimes. Why? Simple answer. Newton’s law. Unless there is any external force or action acts upon you the previous feeling created in you remains forever. So feelings are never constant. They change every moment because there are so many forces being acted upon you every moment. I believe the things which change with time does not have that much affect on human beings than those by the things which remain same forever.  It means emotions affect human beings more than the feelings. Feelings are merely small things that happen to us every moment. But the emotion remains in us forever. And I believe (you may disagree with me) that love and hatred are the only emotions in our brain. Its like binary system where any number can be represented using 1 and 0 in the same way any feeling can be represented using love and hatred (or positive and negative).

Continued………. Part 2


7 thoughts on “Feelings and Emotions – 1 (Rahul and Pavan)

  1. Nice interpretations raa. Excellent thoughts. I too always contemplate these things…I think there are some other emotions apart from love and hatred like excitement which do not come under either of them. So, i think there are some basic emotions(not two) while all others are manifestations of these(like in colors)…

    Anyway, nice discussion. Hoping to see more such posts in the future….

  2. I won’t patronize you saying the article was good and all, but i would surely like to commend your work of trying to pen down your thoughts for others to read. As for the article i didn’t understand it completely, so i don’t wanna pass any comment on it.
    Hope there will be more to come for us to understand your perspective of things in life.

    • Thanx mammal… the post is what i think feelings and emotions are and i did not write the full article. i will complete it in 3 or 4 parts…so that u wont get bored in reading the big stuff….

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