Feelings and Emotions – 2 (Children)

Many of you did not understand my last post. What was it about? I will elaborate what was I trying to convey?

My mind (an unknown place, hope its because of my brain) has thought processes going on all the time about some things. So I got this doubt about the difference between feeling and an emotion so i started introspecting and found some answers and the last post contained some answers i got from my mind (the point is I thought one of them, feeling or emotion should be a positive thing and other should be a negative thing even though I was not sure about it, it was just my instinct and gut feeling). So I started analyzing which is more basic thing and which is pure. So I got answers for some questions like emotion is a basic thing and feelings are built up on emotions, what are the causes for feelings, why feelings change so fast? so understanding feelings and emotions was my basic idea and this continues in this post too. And also I thought love and hatred are the only two basic emotions of human being. But my friend manikanta commented that there can other basic emotions like anger, lust, pride etc. I should think about it.

So next question is which is pure? I think the obvious answer is emotion because its the basic thing. But lets get into some examples. The best and only example I can think of is ‘Children’. They are the basic beings who are transformed into grownups like us. I think children have emotions than feelings because they might not have experienced so many forces like us. They don’t have any prejudices. They don’t judge people. They are so happy for no reason. They are full of energy for no reason. I believe “Being Happy without a Reason is the best thing one can have”. As they grow big they will experience so many forces. So if the forces are good with respect to our world he will become a good individual in this world. If the forces are bad he will become the other. Lets take an example, 2 children are born. One child is raised by sages. One child is raised by Terrorists. Here we have to note that sages and terrorists are the adjectives we give them and they turned into them because of the forces they experienced. So the first child grows up with so many ideals and character. The second child too with ideals and character. But the first child becomes Vivekananda and second child becomes Kasab. There was this idea by some scientist. Give me a child who is just born, I can make him an Einstein or Mozart or Hitler or whatever you want. So it clearly tells you we are all the same beings by birth till the moment we enter the earth. After entering earth, so many forces act on us. One of us may take birth in a rich man house , one may be in a poor man house. We are what we are just because of the situations and surroundings that happened around us. When we are small our senses which are the main means to carry these forces to our mind are minimum. So we just don’t care about so many things. Its just like Being Perfect by Being Ignorant (here ignorant in the sense knowing Nothing and thinking nothing). Due to this children are in a pure state and people automatically gets attracted to children due to their innocence and purity.

So I want to conclude this post by saying that everyone is equal and its just the situations made them what they are. We may not accept this thing fully but we should be in a situation atleast to think about this.

And my questions related to feelings and emotions continue. I will come up with LOVE next time….. Continued….


One thought on “Feelings and Emotions – 2 (Children)

  1. My thinking and ideas on childhood strongly resonate with yours. “Being Happy without a Reason is the best thing one can have”- Very true indeed.
    I think the excitement we have towards life generally dies out as we grow up. I mean, we no longer wonder at the nature as easily(and for as simple things as say an earthworm) we used to do when we were children.
    Interesting series of posts…

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