L♥VE (Feelings and Emotions – 3)

This is a post I have been trying to complete from a very long time. And I really thank “Time” for making this delay, it added many viewpoints to my thoughts. I have wrote on emotions and children in my previous posts in a crude way that people did not understand what was the point I was making, so I tried writing this post as focused as possible which turned out to be the most arbit post. But wait a minute. Why Love? Frankly, I don’t know. I was crazy to write on it.

Lets see what are the notions and things happen in our surroundings and my interpretations.

There is a place called society. There are people divided into men, women and transgenders. The brain have different levels of perceptions namely which can be perceived at a physical plane, mental plane and the things which cannot be perceived through both these planes. Let us leave the third category aside.

1) Gender is a physical concept but not a mental concept. Sadly society makes you a male/female/TG mentally eventually. So you are because of the surroundings around you. A girl can be grown as a boy. Is Love a physical concept or mental concept? As there are levels of perception, the definition of Love changes with the plane of perception.

2) There is a question raised by many people. Can there be love between two people without Sex? As I said earlier there are levels of perception. It is upto you to decide.
If you perceive at physical level you cannot find love without sex.

3) If you perceive at mental level, there is no point of physical attachment and sex of the person.
So there is nothing wrong loving person of any gender. There can be love without Sex.

4) Love is a basic emotion which is pure. There cannot be false love or true love. There can only be “Love” or “No Love”. I find it very funny when people say “Mine is a true love”.

5) The basic problem with the society is it creates so many prejudices in the person’s mind such that people who don’t know what is Love (I am one among them), name it as Love and live in a delusion.

6) Among the prejudices created, there is another one. I will explain with a situation. There is a boy and a girl. The girl likes the boy very much and expresses her love to him. But the boy gets angry and scolds her.
Wait. Give me a break dude. Does she want permission from him to like him or love him? He should be more than glad to be liked by another person.
Love is a personal feeling which needs no one’s permission. Be happy and thankful that a person in this world loves you.

7) The above part is one side of the story. The other side of the story is “the girl getting upset”. Why? Because of  “Expectations”. We think “To be happy is to get the acceptance of the other person whom you love”. If at all the girl has no expectations and just loves him no matter what, there is no pain for her even he doesn’t love her back.
To Love is not to have expectations. Love is unconditional.

8) Last but not the least.
“I and you are small people in this city. This city is a small place in this state. This state is a small place in this country. This country is a small place in this world. This world is a small place on this earth. This Earth is a small place in this solar system. This solar system is a small place in this Universe.”
If you look the big picture, there is no difference between you and the other person. So there is no point in making yourself differentiated from the other person and feel unhappy. When you realize this you will start loving yourself  because “There is an external world only because you are present”.
Love Thyself. No You No External world.

I think I can end this post at this point. I hope most of you might have thought of these things already. Feel free to give your opinions. Eventhough I had put these points, I am not saying that I experienced all of them. These are just my thoughts.

P.S:  I highlighted the female gender in the post to get rid off the general notion that boys are the people who express their love first and that girls reject in general.


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