What is CATCH-22?

Hi friends. You might be wondering what exactly does the title of blog post mean. Catch-22 is a paradoxical situation where one cannot avoid a problem because of the constraints and rules involved. It means if you solve a problem it will lead to another problem, which on solving it again leads to the first problem. This situation arises due to the rules involved and the person involved has no control over the rules.


The most famous example for this kind of situation is “Chicken-Egg Problem”. You are restrained with the rule that chicken only arises from an egg laid by a hen. If you go back from that situation you will only be confused and left with a question which is first whether its the chicken or egg. Its because of the general rule that a chicken can only arise from an egg and for that to happen a chicken should lay the egg.

In most of the similar situations we will only be left with confusion and dilemma. But not the answer. To find answers to this kind of situations we should think out of the box keeping the rules and constraints aside and should never miss the logic which can be possible in the nature.

To explain it more clearly, lets take the chicken egg problem.

  1. If you ask the question to a lay man who haven’t studied Science but a strong believer of God he would say that God had created the chicken and hence solved.
  2. But if you ask the same question to a person who has studied some basic Natural Science he would be in a situation where he can be able to answer it in a scientific way. Since the evolution theory is a famous approach proposed by Charles Darwin it conveys that all the life on earth started from a single cell due to mutations in the DNA. So the mutations might have created a creature similar to chicken which laid the first eggs and then chicken hatched from these eggs and hence solved.
  3. There are other set of people who explains the situation in a more philosophical way as by proposing a theory that “Time is cyclical” which means there is no starting point so neither an egg nor a chicken is first.

So the thing I wanted to convey by CATCH-22 is everything that happens around involves an explanation at various thought levels whether its a Theist way or a Scientific way or Philosophical way. Its your choice to choose which thought process to believe. So the main aim of my posts is to make you more open-minded on understanding various things.

P.S: I hope you are having a nice time reading my posts. All the content (excluding graphics) in the posts are strictly not copied from any website and is solely written by me. Of course the knowledge involved comes from different sources which I read in the past, the experiences I had and some of my own observations.


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