One Liners by Me

These are some of the one liners (some of them are longer than a line 😛) told by me at some point of time to different people on different media like twitter, facebook or directly. They can be statements or questions or something else.

  • Everytime I tweet after seeing “What’s happening?” I just want to say if something is happening, I won’t be tweeting.
  • Twitter produced more philosophers than the world ever produced.
  • I tweet to think what’s happening.
  • I tweet to show off.
  • I tweet to kill time.
  • Love is omnipresent.
  • I put status messages to show off.
  • Love is everything except sensible.
  • If you expect something in return after doing a good deed, its not called a good deed.
  • If god is there no need to worry about devil. If there is no god then there is no point of devil’s existence. So no point in fearing devils.
  • Winning and Losing are just a matter of time.
  • I try to be objective while I explain things and subjective while understanding things.
  • Do we need to die to understand death?
  • Idlebrain is twitter’s workshop.
  • If at all the concept of Karma had been correct then God would have been the number one Sinner.
  • When I have nothing on my mind, I smile.
  • There are 100 coincidence. Is it another coincidence?
  • Only stupid brains tell that our heart thinks.
  • I am so in love with you that I cannot find a moment to expect it back from you.
  • It is contradicting that I don’t like celebrating birthdays & special days and I am spending so much of time to write all this stuff about special days only because today is my birthday.
  • Human life’s a minute thing in the universe happening for a minute time. Instead of celebrating birthdays celebrate everyday of this small time we are having.
  • Seems that I shouldn’t do what I am not supposed to do.
  • Truth doesn’t fear anybody.
  • Religion is a thing we human beings invented. We should realize human beings are greater than religion.
  • When you write a Course exam for 4 times, how do you feel?
  • Think beyond space and time.

4 thoughts on “One Liners by Me

  1. ‘If you expect something in return after doing a good deed, its not called a good deed.’ Did you copy it from Panja or did Panja copy it from you?

    Anyways, nice blog da.. Looks awesome!!!

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