I assembled my custom AMD rig – Part 1

I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs but never owned an Apple product. I thought of buying an entry level iMac which costs 65K INR ($1200) approximately. But for a average user like me the price is too high so I decided to go for a custom build for a lower price. So I have assembled a custom Desktop ordering different parts from flipkart.com. As for the configuration goes, for those who are interested to know, its a custom AMD rig. In this part I would like to describe what parts did I choose and some pointers to remember while choosing a component.

CPU (Central Processing Unit/Heart of the machine)
Initially I was under the impression to go with an Intel Core i5 or i7 series but a decent googling taught me a normal user like me doesn’t need the high end Core i7 series nor do I need to spend more than 15K INR on an Intel CPU. So I started reading about alternatives and thanks to tomshardware.com and flipkart.com reviews I finally chose an AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Processor (the cores needs to be unlocked once you install with a compatible motherboard) with a clock speed of 3.6 GHz (haven’t tried over clocking yet) and a AM3+ socket which came at a decent 6.4K bucks (less than
half the price of i5).

Motherboard (Your heart needs a body right?)
The next thing to chose logically was a compatible motherboard for the CPU I selected above. Again I went through a series of products and left with a Biostar motherboard and an ASUS motherboard. I went with an ASUS motherboard which had cost me 2.7K INR.

RAM (Pour the blood)
Now that I decided up on CPU and Motherboard the next possible thing would be a RAM. The ASUS motherboard I chose has two memory slots supporting upto 1866 MHz clock speed of RAM. While studying about RAM I came to know about an important factor which plays a major role in the speed. All these days I have been thinking that more the memory of RAM more the speed of my computer. WRONG! Its the clock speed which determines the speed. So a 4GB 2000+ MHz RAM outperforms a 8GB 1333MHz RAM easily. So whenever you are choosing a RAM look for these specs. Don’t just go with the memory. So yeah, I had to choose between G.SKill RipJaws and Corsair Vengeance. Eventhough G.Skill is a better device than Corsair Vengeance I was not sure about the compatibility of it with my motherboard so I decided upon a 8GB (1x8GB) Corsair Vengeance with 1600MHz speed. It cost me 3.6K

HardDisk (Need some brain to store memories)
Its 2012! and I’m going for a good custom desktop. So I decided to go for a hard drive with bigger capacity. I chose a 2 TB WD Cavier Green hard disk which had cost me 6.5K.

Power Unit (God’s touch to provide Life)
There are two major brands competing with each other in this category. Seasonic and Corsair. I chose a Seasonic PSU with 520W capacity which had cost me 4.5K

Graphic Card (Child needs some training to act faster)
I came to know about a crucial point about graphic cards while studying about them. Similar to RAM the memory doesn’t matter much with graphic cards too. If you want to play a game with high end graphics its not the memory that helps you its the stream processors that helps you in the game. So choose a graphic card which has more number of stream processors. A 1GB graphic card with 160+ stream processors outperforms a 2GB graphic card with 48 stream processors. I chose a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6570 1GB graphic card which had cost me 4.6K.

Optical Drive (Occasional training for reading and storing memories externally)
Since most of the times I use a pendrive for my files transfer and other things I chose a basic optical drive with CD and DVD RW Capability. I wanted to buy a ASUS DVD writer but due to unavailability of the model I had to choose LG GH24NS71 optical drive which had cost me 1K.

Cabinet (Getting up the body dressed up)
I used an assembled desktop in 2006 which was Pentium Dual Core with a flop motherboard model. The cabinet and my desktop looked terrible. The cabinet not only gives the look your system needs it also is a main component which takes care of various issues like heat, air flow and spacing between cables. So I thought I shouldn’t compromise on a cabinet since it can be useful if I am going to make another custom rig. So I chose a Corsair 400R Midtower cabinet which had cost me 5.8K.

Monitor (Give your memories a language, show them)
I should say the choice of monitor for me was like a cake walk. Its the awesome looking 20 INCH Dell LED Monitor which came at a 6.8K price. The minute I saw it I chose it for its curves.

Keyboard & Mouse (Take inputs from others properly)
I am a great fan of iMac. Its the simplistic construction of iMac which keeps it in a different league. The concept of wireless keyboard and mouse was not existent while I started using computer in 1999. I used to get frustrated with the number of cables behind the desktop and if there is some loose contact then our life becomes double awesome. I didn’t want to repeat that. I chose a Microsoft wireless Mouse and Keyboard which had cost me 1.5K.

Audio System (Voice your opinions louder)
I chose a basic Creative SBS 2.1 Sound system which had cost me 1.8K

So on the whole it had cost me approximately 45K INR ($820) to buy all the parts needed to build my custom AMD rig. I ordered all the products from Flipkart.com and the reviews on flipkart helped me a lot to understand some new concepts while selecting a component. I will share my experience of assembling the system in the next post.

P.S: The comparisons are just for fun. Please don’t point out the logic.


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