Dear God, Please give some brains to my fellow Telugu people!

ME: Dear God, I’m very much frustrated about my fellow people’s ignorance and in fact I’m surprised how ignorance can spread like a virus within hours among a large group of people. And I need answers to some of the questions raised by my dumb brain. So please go through the list and answer me!

GOD: Okay, My Boy!

ME: There is a video making rounds on Facebook (GOD: meh? What is Facebook? ME: A book which we spend most of the time on) made by some one who supports Samaikyandhra (GOD: meh? ME: Don’t get panicked it’s a regional movement :P). This is the link to that video

ME: I’m neither a supporter of this Telangana movement nor Samaikyandhra movement.

GOD: You said you will only talk about Samaikyandhra?

ME: Yeah! Wait

ME: I want to know from you that, Can someone make a 5 minute video on a big issue without research? Can someone make a 5 minute video with pure exaggeration just for their own benefit?

GOD: 1 moment. I am looking at the manual of Human Being. Yeah son, you Human Beings are capable of that 😛

ME: Yes, God we can do it along with high dosage of our Ignorance. My God! I myself am very poor at Politics and Economy and I can’t find a logic in what this person is saying. How come there are 13,000+ shares within hours? Did you give up on us already?

GOD: Tell me more Son!

ME: These are some of the mindblowing (as described by people in comments) facts: 

1. 70% of revenue is from Telangana and 30% from Seemandhra.

ME: I was under the impression that AP was formed based on language but not on the basis of Revenue. So, let me understand this correctly, so Samaikyandhra movement is for Telugu Unity or More Money Security?

GOD: This guy whoever has created this video looks interesting 😛

2. Debts will be divided based on population.

ME: Here comes our next Raghu Ram Rajan.

GOD: meh? Who is this Raghu Ram Rajan? So many gods are there in his name.

ME: Oh God, come on you don’t know him? He is the sexiest RBI governor we ever had. 

ME: Okay, If debts are divided based on population then we should get funds proportionately right? 

3. Fees Schemes, Arogyasri, Pensions and all will be stopped.

ME: I am very bad at economics and politics. Oh God, Can you explain the logic behind this? 

GOD: Look son! Gods doesn’t work on Logic. Move on!

4. Private sector employment (IT, Movie industry, Phama) will get affected.

ME: Another joke. How will the employment in private industries get affected by a state division? Enlighten me, my Lord.

GOD: meh? Private sector?

ME: Leave it!

5. Students will be deprived of seats in IITs, IIITs, NITs.

ME: Okay, this one I was literally ROFLing.

GOD: meh?

ME: ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing.

ME: I thought IITs allow students through JEE. This guy opened my eyes that we need to be that state’s resident to get into IITs and IIITs. Thank God he didn’t include BITS.

GOD: meh? What is this BITS?

ME: It’s a big college God, bigger than MIT and Harvard. Now, don’t ask me about MIT and Harvard.

ME: Okay I will accept the quota in NITs for that state, which is 50% which would be around 370 seats each year. If these 370 guys dont get seats in NIT warangal, they have a lot of options in good NITs in other parts of the country, so the world doesn’t stop with this. Surprisingly he missed out Local engineering colleges, which has this Local and Non Local thing from long time. This doesn’t affect much even if the state is divided. Sorry I only know about Engineering, I can’t talk about other guys. Will you talk about other guys God?


ME: Basically, this is an exaggeration and an useless point.

GOD: Oh, great! So this is not part of your questions right!

6. RTC will get affected.

ME: So, RTC is a govt organization with more assets in Hyderabad as this guy says. So are the politicians so dumb that when dividing two states they make a big govt company go down. Infact all these stupid agitations are causing more problems to RTC and making them suffer.

GOD: AHH! Politicians!! Son, they are capable of anything but this much of dumbness is not even allowed in my world!

7. Agricultural industry will be affected.

ME: This again. How will new state affects seeds and other stuff?

GOD: We only drink Amrutham. I’m not aware of this Agriculture.

8. Water division

ME: Yes, I agree with him. There will be a dispute on Water division, but Godavari districts will become deserts after division whoa! This guy needs to visit telangana seriously. If he knows or not, major part of Krishna and Godavari passes through Telangana. So by logic who should get more water? Who are getting more water now?

GOD: Son, what is the problem with you people?

ME: I Know!

ME: And these are some of the facts on top of my mind,

The shipyard in Vizag is in Andhra, Krishnapatnam port in Nellore is in Andhra and Machilipatnam port is in Andhra. Isn’t it?

The entire Golden Quadrilateral runs through Coastal Andhra.

Go check Coast Andhra Railways map and Telangana, Rayalaseema Railways map.

GOD: Son, a little respect is needed!

ME: My God! I’m sorry. Infact you are present (TIRUMALA) in Rayalaseema.

ME: And when a new state is being formed huge investments will be happening, new capital will be developed, new jobs will be created. And do you really think people will lose their Govt jobs?

ME: WTH is with Vandemataram background music in the video anyway?? That guy could have used Ma Telugu thalliki mallepoodhanda 

GOD: Son, be in your limits. You are talking about Telugu people and talking to me in English. You are a hypocrite.

ME: Sorry Lord, I din’t know that you knew Telugu.

GOD: Of course!

ME: So God, I am praying you.. Please give some brains to my fellow Telugu people who are showcasing their Ignorance. Please dont neglect them 😥 Please don’t give up on us!


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