Suicide for a Human cause!

Extreme actions never bring peace and balance in the world, especially a world filled with Human beings!

What is the base of Law?

Human beings have the audacity to dissect any kind of event may it be death or a disaster, part by part and come to the conclusion of their choice! This might sound logical and the right thing to do. This will only be valid when the person who is dissecting makes himself devoid of all the emotions, prejudices and comes to the conclusion. This is more or less the base of Law in any country to analyze a crime or situation to come to a conclusion.

What about the People or a group’s judgmental capabilities?

But when it comes down to a generic individual or a group, choices doesn’t follow pure logic, they get contaminated by prejudices, experiences and emotions. So the conclusion the individual or group comes to will be the one which satisfies their ego. This is one of the greatest drawbacks of the human race. An average individual may live for 60 years experiencing different things in their surroundings and with each incident the person, the prejudices keeps piling up skewing their decision making process all along which gets compounded as the person ages. This is the reason why a person becomes more fussy or whimsical in his/her old age.

How are we different from animals?

Any animal in the world dies only due to accident/hunting or disease or human abuse. Only human beings are capable of creating a death that can be motivated by N number of reasons because I am not sure of other species which commits suicide. Human beings can commit suicide because of the mental condition at that point of time which has been the result of so many factors that happen around us.

So, are other species happier than human beings in a way? 

May be! May not be! Who knows how a dog feels when his/her owner dies? May be the dog also don’t want to live without the owner but may not be intellectually capable to conceive the idea of suicide.

Are the ideologies behind suicide and a death penalty same?

Death penalty is granted so that no other human being will do such heinous crime in future. Suicides are committed so that no such discrimination will be applied in future to other people. So ultimately they both have the same purpose, creating an order. Isn’t it?

Why are we more moved by suicides?

If you take a death penalty or suicide the common thing is death. We are scared of death. Because we are scared of it, when someone volunteers for it, we are just blown away by the sheer force behind that decision. Do we feel the same impact when a death penalty is given? May be not! Even though the purpose that is being served by both of them may be same but the voluntary nature is such an impact on us.

Understanding the concept of Death

Why is there so much impact on us when something terrible happens? What do we mean by terrible? All we can think of is Death. Why are we so scared? Simple, we don’t understand Death. Since we don’t understand what happens during or after we die, we come up with so many theories which resulted eventually in religions, caste and so many other stupid by products.

Irony just died an ironic death

The fanatics who kill others on the name of religion and caste do it because their god/religion promises heaven after they die. So getting a better life after death, you should grant death to others!

Do you really need to fight for others?

One question keeps troubling me again and again is about the struggle some people go through to fight for certain causes. Is it worth to fight for these hopeless and selfish species who does nothing but spread like a virus and spread the poison along with them. I may sound pessimist.

Millions of years ago, a random incident caused life to form on earth and thousands of years of evolution led to a species which can think rationally and have conversation. Instead of thinking rationally and having a conversation we are indulged more on irrationality and violence over things which we have created out of thin air.

Let’s respect the dead and hope we move towards a more rational and progressive civilization.


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