Bubbles of Happiness

Once there was a boy called The Boy
Always thinking about a Rare Toy

Which is made out of an imaginary alloy
When used, makes your loved one’s decoy

The very concept multiplied The Boy’s joy
But the poor boy didn’t know the dangerous ploy

That the decoy stayed lively only for a while to enjoy
Which annoyed hell out of the poor little boy

Frustrated now, the boy decided to kill the stupid toy
Never realizing that his brain was the imaginary alloy


Forced Inspiration

The life I am living is so dry and meaningless
That I am living it very thoughtless

Thinking about things which makes me numb
My brain don’t have anything else to pump

The air which is blowing in my way
I hope I get the answers from it as it sway

Time is passing by so fast
nothing but a rhythmic beat’s playing in my nest

A monotone called life asked me for motivation
I said, look for a forced inspiration


Truthful Person

No one is ready to hear you all the time
No one is ready to think about you all the time

No one will change themselves for you
No one will compromise on anything for you

No one is going to sacrifice anything for you
No one is going to look after you

No one does things for you out of pure love
No one loves you unconditionally

You will be there with yourself
In trouble
In happiness
In frustration
In sleep
In death
In everything

In a world full of materialistic people
You are the only person true to yourself

You are the only person true to yourself


Stupid Poem

Recently I had a discussion with one of my good friends. It was nice talking to him for that long about many things after a long time. In the discussion he gave me a suggestion to look into a kind of writing called Free Writing. He told about it. And I went on and looked into wiki and understood what exactly does it mean. Free writing is a form in which you write continuously what your conscious brain is thinking. It represents what’s your state of mind is. It might sound simple but it takes hell lot of courage to write that way. You will be facing with many difficulties lack of vocabulary to express, lots of negative feelings being put on paper, not able to imagine a particular situation and lots of other things. I am not a person with great vocabulary and also I choose the topics and words carefully so that I don’t sound stupid. So I thought it would be interesting if I give it a try. I came across some things (read as people) and their stupidity and decided to put my words on paper. So what did I put? Its very stupid but I liked it. I guess you will see the stupidity.

My world is full of stupids
Stupids with stupidity rocketing sky high

And what am I doing
Seeing them, hating them, laughing at them, abusing them
I feel them so pointless

How useless their purpose is on this world?
How come world give birth to such beings?

They don’t even think who they are, what they are
Full of flesh and materialistic deeds

So when I say all these things
I realized that I did not think who I am

So who am I?
I am one among these stupids and that’s why this stupid poem happened


A Curious Dissection

On a fine day, I had a great thought of dissecting my brain. Not physically but mentally to know what’s going on inside? Only to find that I am confused and in an illusion.

A curiosity to dissect my brain
To find out what caused this pain

No No, I want to restrain
Don’t want to be a part of this illusionary game

Want to burn my memories in the flame
They did nothing but left me pain

They are my precious thoughts, please don’t tame
Rather throw me into the burning flame

Such a shame, I am so lame
No link between the thoughts that came


I Love You


Never I’ve known someone so much
Never I’ve told someone about myself so much

Never I’ve seen someone smiling so much because of me
Never I’ve found myself smiling so much because of someone

Never I’ve loved myself as much as I do now
Never I felt great of myself
For finding someone and making them a part of my life

Never I’ve seen so much of freshness in the air
Never I’ve enjoyed the smallest of the things around me

All the sadness and frustration in my life has gone
Replacing by fantasy and magic
I wonder how long this moment would stay with me
So I want to die this moment enjoying the magic

But before that I just wanted to say
The only reason I can think of for all this is You and I Love You……



I Hope

This is first poem I have written and it is 4.5 years old. I came across it surprisingly and thought of sharing it here. Pardon my English, it sounds as if I did a true translation from my mother tongue to English.

Wishes , not being fulfilled
Dreams , not coming true
Goals, not able to achieve

Making me numb , turning me into a stone
Making me think , what should i do?
Making me sad , why should i live?
Making me think, of committing suicide

But lack of valiance………….

Saw a child working in a shop

seen him beating up by his owner
seen him being abused by heartless people
seen him working hard for food


Seen him always smiling and celebrating

Now, this moment I felt differently
Never before I was feeling different when I saw a child working
Is this called the HOPE I am seeing in his face?

My tears are washed away by that unknown power
Making me smile unknowingly
Then I realized , what is life about

Happyness is the eternal thing in life
and till it comes we have to have the Hope

I hope HOPE will never forget me…..
some day or other I will get what I want
until then………….I Hope………………..