I am 25 years old but I am still just a second old

As the clock turned 12, I completed 25 years on the Planet Earth. The day started usually with the cake cutting and calls from different people wishing me and me thanking them. Somewhere in between them wishing me and me thanking them, there was another me started thinking what are these people doing? So I started answering me, Dude these people don’t even know that there are people like us exist inside this Ram Manohar guy and they don’t know that both of them are just tiny parts like us. Just because they have flesh and talk doesn’t mean they are superior and forget us.

I dozed off. Meanwhile while I was sleeping, I was working in office cutting the cake brought by team mates and started walking in the hot sun. Suddenly I got up seeing myself walking in the hot sun and slept again. I continued walking and had my food, returned to my place and slept off. I started working again on and on that I was not able to wake up at all. I got frustrated in the sleep and woke up to find myself doing all sorts of non sense.

I started thinking about today and realized that I have completed 25 years. What does it mean? I thought and I understood that I have completed 25 years on this planet. What if I was born in another planet where life is supported which is far away from the Sun? I might have completed 10 years.So if I am even far I might have just completed a day or a second. But this is absurd! I thought again. I understood the concept of time and how our dates are so irrelevant. The amount of time I spend on earth is same as the amount of time I will spend on another planet. So logically speaking that one second on that planet is same as the 25 years I spent here. So what’s the whole point of birthday in this? I don’t get it. It just doesn’t fit anywhere.

Once we are born time just moves forward, it doesn’t repeat. There is no guarantee that today is same as the day we were born. It’s just all random non sense. Finally after realizing this I completely woke up from the deep sleep and found myself still sleeping 🙂


Types of God

I have been talking to people from long time about what their religious and spiritual belief is and what do they mean by God. So I would like to list out all the kinds of opinions and my thoughts. As with any matter here too people are divided into various stages of maturity, I tried to cover most of the opinions and sections of people but I might have missed some parts.
Since I’m a born Hindu and from India I can more confidently talk about Hinduism. So I give a lot of references of Hinduism.


1. There are many people (Ignorants), who doesn’t know the difference between being religious and being spiritual. The best examples for this kind of people are religious fanatics who think believing in a religion without questioning gets them Nirvana. Other kind of people who come under this category are some group of Atheists who doesn’t know the ABC of Religion and Spirituality. Poor guys think being spiritual means doing rituals 🙂 So a normal conversation about God, Religion, Spirituality with these set of people leaves you frustrated. A considerable portion of people in the world fall under this category.

2. These people (Ignorants with less Ignorance) are the ones who believe that God is an external entity from them and to attain Nirvana there is no other way but to praise the god and do all things god likes. When you have a faith which makes you praise the god you believe in, in someway it makes you think that your god is the only true god. When some one from other faith starts propagating their god around you, believe me it doesn’t end well. Most of the religions around the world fall under this category. These kind of people are the main reason for the restlessness in the society. Either they can be very moral or they can be staunch fundamentalists.

3. The next set of people (Misdirected), who are trying to understand Spirituality but are ending up with confused beliefs. The examples for this kind of people who believe in an external God and at the same time follow people who teach Advaita Vedanta. The people who read Bhagavadgita and consider Lord Krishna as an external entity (Dvaita Vedanta teaches that God and you are two different entities. Funny that, Lord Krishna told that there is nothing but him and him alone!). Go to them and say them they and God are same, you will get a slap. They think very highly of God, that the very thought of them being God is something alien. But one good thing about these section of people are that they can be very moral and more tolerant than the above kind of people.

4. Atheists. These people are no better than Ignorants but only good thing is they question everything. But they are very much biased and always play Devil’s Advocate and reluctant to think of Religion and Spirituality. These kind of people make the society better and vigilant.

5. Agnostics. There can be two kinds of agnostics. One who didn’t have any thought of God and didn’t grew up in a society. The other who doesn’t really care about God, pure materialistic people (Considerable number of the capitalists). Most of the scientists and technological pioneers fall under the section between Being Agnostic and Being Atheistic.

6. Nihilists (Who believe that life is meaningless!) and Advaita Followers (Who believe themselves and God as one and everyone as God, you hear Aham Brahmasmi, Tatvamasi a lot from these people). If you are a normal person you might not even stand these people’s philosophy. These set of people might have gone through a lot of study about God and might have ended up here. Most of the saints like Jesus, Buddha, Sankaracharya fall under this section.

So, we have lots of opinions! So who is true? Which belief is correct? I don’t know. I’m just a confused person still undergoing the travel. I may end up confused or may be I will come to know something.

So, What do you believe in?


One Liners by Me

These are some of the one liners (some of them are longer than a line 😛) told by me at some point of time to different people on different media like twitter, facebook or directly. They can be statements or questions or something else.

  • Everytime I tweet after seeing “What’s happening?” I just want to say if something is happening, I won’t be tweeting.
  • Twitter produced more philosophers than the world ever produced.
  • I tweet to think what’s happening.
  • I tweet to show off.
  • I tweet to kill time.
  • Love is omnipresent.
  • I put status messages to show off.
  • Love is everything except sensible.
  • If you expect something in return after doing a good deed, its not called a good deed.
  • If god is there no need to worry about devil. If there is no god then there is no point of devil’s existence. So no point in fearing devils.
  • Winning and Losing are just a matter of time.
  • I try to be objective while I explain things and subjective while understanding things.
  • Do we need to die to understand death?
  • Idlebrain is twitter’s workshop.
  • If at all the concept of Karma had been correct then God would have been the number one Sinner.
  • When I have nothing on my mind, I smile.
  • There are 100 coincidence. Is it another coincidence?
  • Only stupid brains tell that our heart thinks.
  • I am so in love with you that I cannot find a moment to expect it back from you.
  • It is contradicting that I don’t like celebrating birthdays & special days and I am spending so much of time to write all this stuff about special days only because today is my birthday.
  • Human life’s a minute thing in the universe happening for a minute time. Instead of celebrating birthdays celebrate everyday of this small time we are having.
  • Seems that I shouldn’t do what I am not supposed to do.
  • Truth doesn’t fear anybody.
  • Religion is a thing we human beings invented. We should realize human beings are greater than religion.
  • When you write a Course exam for 4 times, how do you feel?
  • Think beyond space and time.