Bubbles of Happiness

Once there was a boy called The Boy
Always thinking about a Rare Toy

Which is made out of an imaginary alloy
When used, makes your loved one’s decoy

The very concept multiplied The Boy’s joy
But the poor boy didn’t know the dangerous ploy

That the decoy stayed lively only for a while to enjoy
Which annoyed hell out of the poor little boy

Frustrated now, the boy decided to kill the stupid toy
Never realizing that his brain was the imaginary alloy


One Liners by Me

These are some of the one liners (some of them are longer than a line ūüėõ) told by me at some point of time to different people on different media like twitter, facebook or directly. They can be statements or questions or something else.

  • Everytime I tweet after seeing “What’s happening?” I just want to say if something is happening, I won’t be tweeting.
  • Twitter produced more philosophers than the world ever produced.
  • I¬†tweet¬†to think what’s happening.
  • I tweet to show off.
  • I tweet to kill time.
  • Love is omnipresent.
  • I put status messages to show off.
  • Love is everything except sensible.
  • If you expect something in return after doing a good deed, its not called a good deed.
  • If god is there no need to worry about devil. If there is no god then there is no point of devil’s existence. So no point in fearing devils.
  • Winning and Losing are just a matter of time.
  • I try to be objective while I explain things and subjective while understanding things.
  • Do we need to die to understand death?
  • Idlebrain is twitter’s workshop.
  • If at all the concept of Karma had been correct then God would have been the number one Sinner.
  • When I have nothing on my mind, I smile.
  • There are 100 coincidence. Is it another coincidence?
  • Only stupid brains tell that our heart thinks.
  • I am so in love with you that I cannot find a moment to expect it back from you.
  • It is contradicting that I don’t like celebrating birthdays & special days and I am spending so much of time to write all this stuff about special days only because today is my birthday.
  • Human life’s a minute thing in the universe happening for a minute time. Instead of celebrating birthdays celebrate everyday of this small time we are having.
  • Seems that I shouldn’t do what I am not supposed to do.
  • Truth doesn’t fear anybody.
  • Religion is a thing we human beings invented. We should realize human beings are greater than religion.
  • When you write a Course exam for 4 times, how do you feel?
  • Think beyond space and time.

I Love You


Never I’ve known someone so much
Never I’ve told someone about myself so much

Never I’ve seen someone smiling so much because of me
Never I’ve found myself smiling so much because of someone

Never I’ve loved myself as much as I do now
Never I felt great of myself
For finding someone and making them a part of my life

Never I’ve seen so much of freshness in the air
Never I’ve enjoyed the smallest of the things around me

All the sadness and frustration in my life has gone
Replacing by fantasy and magic
I wonder how long this moment would stay with me
So I want to die this moment enjoying the magic

But before that I just wanted to say
The only reason I can think of for all this is You and I Love You……



L‚ô•VE (Feelings and Emotions – 3)

This is a post I have been trying to complete from a very long time. And I really thank “Time” for making this delay, it added many viewpoints to my thoughts. I have wrote on emotions and children in my previous posts in a crude way that people did not understand what was the point I was making, so I tried writing this post as focused as possible which turned out to be the most arbit post. But wait a minute. Why Love? Frankly, I don’t know. I was crazy to write on it.

Lets see what are the notions and things happen in our surroundings and my interpretations.

There is a place called society. There are people divided into men, women and transgenders. The brain have different levels of perceptions namely which can be perceived at a physical plane, mental plane and the things which cannot be perceived through both these planes. Let us leave the third category aside.

1) Gender is a physical concept but not a mental concept. Sadly society makes you a male/female/TG mentally eventually. So you are because of the surroundings around you. A girl can be grown as a boy. Is Love a physical concept or mental concept? As there are levels of perception, the definition of Love changes with the plane of perception.

2) There is a question raised by many people. Can there be love between two people without Sex? As I said earlier there are levels of perception. It is upto you to decide.
If you perceive at physical level you cannot find love without sex.

3) If you perceive at mental level, there is no point of physical attachment and sex of the person.
So there is nothing wrong loving person of any gender. There can be love without Sex.

4) Love is a basic emotion which is pure. There cannot be false love or true love. There can only be “Love” or “No Love”. I find it very funny when people say “Mine is a true love”.

5) The basic problem with the society is it creates so many prejudices in the person’s mind such that people who don’t know what is Love (I am one among them), name it as Love and live in a delusion.

6) Among the prejudices created, there is another one. I will explain with a situation. There is a boy and a girl. The girl likes the boy very much and expresses her love to him. But the boy gets angry and scolds her.
Wait. Give me a break dude. Does she want permission from him to like him or love him? He should be more than glad to be liked by another person.
Love is a personal feeling which needs no one’s permission. Be happy and thankful that a person in this world loves you.

7) The above part is one side of the story. The other side of the story is “the girl getting upset”. Why? Because of ¬†“Expectations”. We think “To be happy is to get the acceptance of the other person whom you love”. If at all the girl has no expectations and just loves him no matter what, there is no pain for her even he doesn’t love her back.
To Love is not to have expectations. Love is unconditional.

8) Last but not the least.
“I and you are small people in this city. This city is a small place in this state. This state is a small place in this country. This country is a small place in this world. This world is a small place on this earth. This Earth is a small place in this solar system. This solar system is a small place in this Universe.”
If you look the big picture, there is no difference between you and the other person. So there is no point in making yourself differentiated from the other person and feel unhappy. When you realize this you will start loving yourself ¬†because “There is an external world only because you are present”.
Love Thyself. No You No External world.

I think I can end this post at this point. I hope most of you might have thought of these things already. Feel free to give your opinions. Eventhough I had put these points, I am not saying that I experienced all of them. These are just my thoughts.

P.S:  I highlighted the female gender in the post to get rid off the general notion that boys are the people who express their love first and that girls reject in general.


A letter named “Good Night”

Life is sometimes like a potter’s wheel
which has nothing to do but rotate

Life is sometimes like a drunken monkey
which has no rules and direction

Life is sometimes like a unremembered dream
which is very exciting and yet we can’t remember what has happened

Life is sometimes like a flowing river
We carry away with the flow of thoughts

Life is sometimes like a rat race
that we do anything for the first place even at the cost of other rats

Life is sometimes like a gun in the hand of a terrorist
that we even don’t know the person who is holding us and yet listen to his words

When I think about all these things, I get bored of life
I may not have seen much of you in my life which is like a desert
but the thought of YOU makes me so excited
like an oasis in the middle of a desert, that
I even forget what boredom is like and who I am.

So, I don’t get tired in saying the same two words
everyday before you sleep….. “Good Night”.


Feelings and Emotions – 2 (Children)

Many of you did not understand my last post. What was it about? I will elaborate what was I trying to convey?

My mind (an unknown place, hope its because of my brain) has thought processes going on all the time about some things. So I got this doubt about the difference between feeling and an emotion so i started introspecting and found some answers and the last post contained some answers i got from my mind (the point is I thought one of them, feeling or emotion should be a positive thing and other should be a negative thing even though I was not sure about it, it was just my instinct and gut feeling). So I started analyzing which is more basic thing and which is pure. So I got answers for some questions like emotion is a basic thing and feelings are built up on emotions, what are the causes for feelings, why feelings change so fast? so understanding feelings and emotions was my basic idea and this continues in this post too. And also I thought love and hatred are the only two basic emotions of human being. But my friend manikanta commented that there can other basic emotions like anger, lust, pride etc. I should think about it.

So next question is which is pure? I think the obvious answer is emotion because its the basic thing. But lets get into some examples. The best and only example I can think of is ‘Children’. They are the basic beings who are transformed into grownups like us. I think children have emotions than feelings because they might not have experienced so many forces like us. They don’t have any prejudices. They don’t judge people. They are so happy for no reason. They are full of energy for no reason. I believe “Being Happy without a Reason is the best thing one can have”. As they grow big they will experience so many forces. So if the forces are good with respect to our world he will become a good individual in this world. If the forces are bad he will become the other. Lets take an example, 2 children are born. One child is raised by sages. One child is raised by Terrorists. Here we have to note that sages and terrorists are the adjectives we give them and they turned into them because of the forces they experienced. So the first child grows up with so many ideals and character. The second child too with ideals and character. But the first child becomes Vivekananda and second child becomes Kasab. There was this idea by some scientist. Give me a child who is just born, I can make him an Einstein or Mozart or Hitler or whatever you want. So it clearly tells you we are all the same beings by birth till the moment we enter the earth. After entering earth, so many forces act on us. One of us may take birth in a rich man house , one may be in a poor man house. We are what we are just because of the situations and surroundings that happened around us. When we are small our senses which are the main means to carry these forces to our mind are minimum. So we just don’t care about so many things. Its just like Being Perfect by Being Ignorant (here ignorant in the sense knowing Nothing and thinking nothing). Due to this children are in a pure state and people automatically gets attracted to children due to their innocence and purity.

So I want to conclude this post by saying that everyone is equal and its just the situations made them what they are. We may not accept this thing fully but we should be in a situation atleast to think about this.

And my questions related to feelings and emotions continue. I will come up with LOVE next time….. Continued….


Feelings and Emotions – 1 (Rahul and Pavan)

Hi everyone this is my first post with some content. The title of the post I named it as feelings and emotions (Rahul and Pavan) because things which I am going to discuss, I gathered them from these two directly and indirectly. So I thought I should name the post Rahul and Pavan rather than Feelings and emotions. But people get confused if I name it that way so I used both the names.

Many times we (or I) get confused with feelings and emotions i.e., whether what we got are feelings or emotions? Some times we say dont hurt my feelings. Sometime we say he is an emotional person. So What is the difference between a feeling and an emotion? Are they positive things or negative things? What is love? Is it a feeling or an emotion? So many questions arose in my mind. So I thought I should sort out them my mere knowledge on things. So I started answering things in my own way.

What are feelings? I believe feelings are those which get created in us when there is an external force or action. Its like Newton’s law . So for the external force to be acted upon us we should carry the action of the external force to the brain. So what help us to carry this external force? Sensory Organs and Neurons. Eyes, Ears, Skin, Tongue, Nose. So our five senses help us to identify the force and the neurons carry these impulses to the brain and a feeling is created due to various external force. But eventhough an external force is applied, if the brain does not know how to react then will there be a feeling created? So there should be some building blocks in brain which form the feeling that happen in the brain? What are these building blocks? Emotions. I believe emotions are the building blocks of feelings. Why do some people dont know what it is to hate people? Because they lack the hatred emotion. Some people loves everyone because of the emotion love.

Why do feelings change so fast? You feel happy in a moment and sad the next moment sometimes. Why? Simple answer. Newton’s law. Unless there is any external force or action acts upon you the previous feeling created in you remains forever. So feelings are never constant. They change every moment because there are so many forces being acted upon you every moment. I believe the things which change with time does not have that much affect on human beings than those by the things which remain same forever.¬† It means emotions affect human beings more than the feelings. Feelings are merely small things that happen to us every moment. But the emotion remains in us forever. And I believe (you may disagree with me) that love and hatred are the only emotions in our brain. Its like binary system where any number can be represented using 1 and 0 in the same way any feeling can be represented using love and hatred (or positive and negative).

Continued………. Part 2