Forced Inspiration

The life I am living is so dry and meaningless
That I am living it very thoughtless

Thinking about things which makes me numb
My brain don’t have anything else to pump

The air which is blowing in my way
I hope I get the answers from it as it sway

Time is passing by so fast
nothing but a rhythmic beat’s playing in my nest

A monotone called life asked me for motivation
I said, look for a forced inspiration


I Hope

This is first poem I have written and it is 4.5 years old. I came across it surprisingly and thought of sharing it here. Pardon my English, it sounds as if I did a true translation from my mother tongue to English.

Wishes , not being fulfilled
Dreams , not coming true
Goals, not able to achieve

Making me numb , turning me into a stone
Making me think , what should i do?
Making me sad , why should i live?
Making me think, of committing suicide

But lack of valiance………….

Saw a child working in a shop

seen him beating up by his owner
seen him being abused by heartless people
seen him working hard for food


Seen him always smiling and celebrating

Now, this moment I felt differently
Never before I was feeling different when I saw a child working
Is this called the HOPE I am seeing in his face?

My tears are washed away by that unknown power
Making me smile unknowingly
Then I realized , what is life about

Happyness is the eternal thing in life
and till it comes we have to have the Hope

I hope HOPE will never forget me…..
some day or other I will get what I want
until then………….I Hope………………..


A letter named “Good Night”

Life is sometimes like a potter’s wheel
which has nothing to do but rotate

Life is sometimes like a drunken monkey
which has no rules and direction

Life is sometimes like a unremembered dream
which is very exciting and yet we can’t remember what has happened

Life is sometimes like a flowing river
We carry away with the flow of thoughts

Life is sometimes like a rat race
that we do anything for the first place even at the cost of other rats

Life is sometimes like a gun in the hand of a terrorist
that we even don’t know the person who is holding us and yet listen to his words

When I think about all these things, I get bored of life
I may not have seen much of you in my life which is like a desert
but the thought of YOU makes me so excited
like an oasis in the middle of a desert, that
I even forget what boredom is like and who I am.

So, I don’t get tired in saying the same two words
everyday before you sleep….. “Good Night”.